National Reconciliation Week 2021

Context and GML Heritage support better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We acknowledge, help protect and celebrate First Nations heritage and culture, and take our work in the heritage space with a keen sense of responsibility. We are always ready to listen and learn.

In 2021, we are aiming to more and contribute towards igniting deeper conversations and action. In the last few months, we launched the First Nations Speaker Series. The series promotes the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, acknowledges difficult conversations need to be had, and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to talk about issues that require action so that we may all get closer to an honest reckoning.

Earlier this week it was thrilling to hear that the Uluru Statement from the Heart won Australia’s only international prize for peace, the 2021 Sydney Peace Prize. We hope this will help garner greater attention for the long overdue constitutional recognition of First Nations Peoples. The prize is a great tribute to all the First Nations People that have been part of the conversations since the dialogues and constitutional convention in Uluru in 2017, but it also recognises the long and deep history of activism and the continuing quest for voice, treaty and truth at the heart of this nation.