Dr Coral Montero Lopez
Senior Consultant

+13 9380 6933

Coral is a heritage specialist and archaeologist. Her expertise lies in the preparation of heritage assessments, cultural heritage managements plans (CHMPs) and due diligence assessments as well as detailed archaeological salvage reports for both Aboriginal and historical places. Coral has over ten years’ experience in the cultural heritage industry in Australia. She has participated in and coordinated a number of large academic and cultural heritage projects throughout Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales.

At Context, Coral’s work concentrates on preparing Aboriginal due diligences and CHMPs, mapping of cultural values and places, including tangible and intangible specific values, and consultation with Traditional Owners.

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I am passionate about recording intangible values, especially those associated with cultural use of water and the traditional stories associated with it in order to understand the past Aboriginal landscape use.


2013 PhD (Archaeology) – La Trobe University

2008 Master of Anthropology – Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas, Mexico

2004 Bachelor of Anthropology – Fundacion Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Mexico






Australian Archaeological Association (AAA)

Australia (ICOMOS)