Moreland Heritage Gap Study

Heritage Gap Study


Moreland City Council

Moreland has a rich industrial heritage, from local brickworks and ropeworks to its many clothing and textile factories. Collectively they tell us about the suburb’s development pattern, but also hold personal stories to the community.

Context was engaged by Moreland City Council to conduct a Heritage Gap Study. The study involved extensive fieldwork, followed by comparative assessment and historical research, to document places of local significance and prepare them for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay of the Planning Scheme.

Context team members surveyed places in Brunswick and surrounding suburbs. The team are no strangers to the area, with the Context offices being located just off busy Sydney Road.


This was not the first project Context have worked on for Moreland City Council; we have been involved in several larger and smaller projects for Council since the 1980s. In 2016, Context conducted a large review of all previously identified places in the City of Moreland which had not been previously addressed. The recommendations of the review are now being followed through in the current study. You can read more about the project on Council’s website.