Local heritage, local stories

Local heritage, local stories

Heritage starts at the local level.

Places of meaning and value are found throughout Victoria’s suburbs and towns.

Local heritage is diverse, surprising, and valued by its community. Even places we encounter on a daily basis – whether that be a humble Edwardian-era residence, an interwar corner milk bar, or a mature Norfolk Island pine tree – can have significance.

Local heritage studies identify, assess and protect these places of significance within our municipalities. They investigate how heritage places contribute to the character of the surrounding streetscape, documenting their importance.

Many municipal councils also encourage community input into local heritage studies by inviting residents to nominate places for assessment. This gives the community the opportunity to identify the places they care about.

For over 30 years Context has prepared heritage studies for our local government clients with rigour and a nuanced understanding of the unique qualities of many of Victoria’s cities and shires.

With increasing development pressure in Melbourne’s suburbs, it is important that locally significant places are adequately protected so that our suburbs do not lose their unique character.

The development and growth of our towns and suburbs tells stories about settlement and provides an insight into the histories of everyday life in Melbourne. Our municipalities reflect changes in residential planning and architecture, as well as social and cultural changes in lifestyle and demographics.

At Context we believe that local significance is as meaningful and worthy of investigation and protection as places of state or national significance.

Heritage studies are the mechanism which allow us to include locally significant places in the heritage overlay, ensuring their protection.

We have decades of experience preparing heritage studies with rigour around Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our work in local government areas across the state has helped conserve their heritage places and distinctive characters for future generations.