Social Value: Heritage and Stories

Social Value: Heritage and Stories

There is more to heritage than the built form, historic fabric and architectural significance. People play a vital part.

Often, communities and places are bound together through their histories.

Exploring the social values and intangible heritage of a place with local communities allows us to understand why places are important, and who they are important to.

Collective stories and values are what bring places, and heritage, to life. Immersing ourselves in those stories and values gives us an insight into the rich and often complex aspects of heritage beyond what meets the eye.

At Context, we believe that community is at the heart of heritage.

Engaging with and listening to local communities is key to unlocking their stories and values. We strive to ensure that both people and place are properly understood.

By drawing on our decades of experience in community engagement, we make sure that our work truly reflects the values that communities place in their heritage.

Context remains at the forefront of understanding and strengthening the role of communities within heritage.

Interpreting community values is integral to our work, from heritage assessments to management plans.

Through our community engagement services at Preston Market, Broken Hill and Kamay-Botany Bay, we are working to ensure that the social values of these important places are understood and recognised.