Welcome Dr Janine
Major to Context

We are thrilled to welcome Dr Janine Major to Context as Senior Associate and Manager Consulting, commencing on 14 October 2019.

She has a unique blend of skills in management and cultural heritage/archaeology and has worked across a broad range of sectors – government, corporate, academic, welfare and emergency services. She has worked on a range of archaeological and heritage management projects, including complex, large-scale sites throughout Victoria and NSW – including ones of state and world heritage significance.

Janine joins us from a senior role at Aboriginal Victoria. She was part of the executive team with responsibility for a team of cultural heritage and advisory specialists. Her primary responsibility was to support the Office of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council in relation to its new responsibilities resulting from the 2016 amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Janine has previously worked for GML Heritage in Sydney. As the former Archaeology Manager, she was responsible for the day-to-day management of the archaeology team, subconsultants and volunteers, including the development of best practice methodologies in archaeological management, research and practice.

She has held teaching and researching positions. She has been involved with projects and publications on Natufian Art, Bronze Age and Chalcolithic Cyprus, Aboriginal communities in Victoria, and symposiums on global prehistory and Victorian Archaeology.

We look forward to welcoming Janine!